Maximo Scan & Attach Solution

  • Industry:

    Electric Utility

    Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.5 (at the time of deployment)

    Solution Components:

    Base Maximo Asset Management

    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Improves Efficiency
    2. Saves time
    3. Eliminates the necessity for paper documents archiving
  • Maximo Scan & Attach Solution Overview

    This solution was developed by Ontracks to help simplify the process of attaching scanned electronic documents to Maximo records by utilizing the out-of-the-box Email Listener functionality. With the Scan & Attach solution deployed users won’t have to copy scanned documents to a flash drive or send them to their email address and then manually attach them to Maximo records – work orders, purchase orders, invoices, etc. The Scan & Attach solution allows to directly send scanned documents to a predefined email address and Maximo will deal with the rest. All you need to do is

    • Scan the document;
    • Make sure to include the record number into the subject of the email;
    • Send the email with the scanned document attached to a predefined email address that Maximo has access to.

    It’s that easy. And you can do it directly from a scanner.

    For more information or a demonstration, please contact us.

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