Pipeline Outage Scheduling Solution

  1. Pipeline Outage Scheduling Solution
  • Industry:

    Oil & Gas / Pipelines

    Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.5

    Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
    Maximo Scheduler

    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Automation of workflow for requests
    2. Reduce time to approve outages
    3. Reliability in the commitments and outages for decision making
  • Pipeline Outage Scheduling Overview

    Ontracks has developed a solution that logs outage requests and schedules them to align with current commitments at a large North American pipeline company.
    The solution logs, approves, and tracks outage requests and then associates them to certain lines. These can then be compared to external commitments for the pipelines and pipeline capacities to determine the timing for these outages. The solution had 3 main components:

    1. Outage Request application: This application identifies what line the outage will be on, the business reason for the outage and the expected duration of the outage. These requests are then routed through the business for approval.
    2. Pipeline Schedule application: This application shows all of the outages associated with each pipeline and allows the user to view the impact of these outages relative to the capacity of the pipeline along with the commitments made for the current month. Users can then approve and schedule the outages accordingly.
    3. Pipeline Schedule Visual application: Using Maximo scheduler users are able to view the schedule in a graphical interface.

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