Maximo Item Master Clean-up

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    SPSS Modeler with Text Analytics Add-on

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    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Cleaner Item Master
    2. Improved Inventory Management and Cost Tracking
    3. Applicable to different business areas
    4. Gentle learning curve
  • Cleaning up Maximo’s Item Master

    Ontracks has created a process for cleaning up Maximo’s Item Master by using another IBM tool: SPSS.

    The solution is designed to extract the Items’ relevant terms (e.g. colour, size, part number) using SPSS’ Text Analytics capabilities, then matching them across themselves to provide a list of suggested duplicates based on identical matching terms, significantly reducing the amount of data that the analyst needs to verify.

    Your organization can customize the provided out-of-the-box dictionaries provided by SPSS to build their own and result in even better extraction results of your data.


    SPSS is a data mining and text analytics platform for building predictive models and conduct other analytic tasks.

    SPSS is an extremely versatile tool as it can be used for simple and complex tasks alike, with a visual interface that allows users to utilize statistical and data mining algorithms without any programming background.

    SPSS Text Analytics Add-on

    With this add-on, SPSS can perform Text Analytics on free text data to extract relevant terms. Text Analytics (used interchangeable with Text Mining) is the process of transforming unstructured text data into structured, workable data.

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