Material Transfers

  1. Material Transfer in IBM Maximo
  • Industry:

    Crude Oil and Liquids Transportation

    Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.5

    Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise

    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Physical Asset tracking
    2. Budget reporting
    3. Improved business reporting
  • Material Transfers Application Overview

    Ontracks has developed and deployed a Material Transfer Application for a leading Pipeline company. The solution allows an Asset to be moved from one location to another without accessing the Assets application. This is beneficial as it allows non-Maximo assets to be tracked in terms of:

    1. Where is it being moved from?
    2. Where is it being moved to?
    3. What accounts to be charged?

    All asset transfers that occur within Maximo through the Assets or Work Order Tracking applications will also be displayed in the Material Transfer application.
    This solution enhances Maximo by having all asset moves within one application for access by Operations and Budget stakeholders so physical assets with significant value can be tracked through disposal. This is of significant value for industries that also track partnerships and joint ventures as the cost breakdown may be allocated.

    For more information on how we can implement this solution for you, contact us.

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