Issue Tracking Solution

  1. IBM Maximo Issue Tracking Solution
  • Industry:

    Oil & Gas

    Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.1 (at the time of deployment)

    Solution Components

    Maximo Enterprise

    Major Business Benefits

    1. Improved Documentation
    2. Ease of Reporting to Regulatory Bodies
    3. Improved Issue Management

  • Ontracks developed an Issue Tracking application for a leading oil and gas company to support regulatory and compliance management by tracking operational issues. The application was designed to meet the customer need of comprehensive documentation and resolution tracking of various issue types requiring formal reporting to external agencies. The core features of the application include the ability to create an Issue record, a workflow process to guide the business through the process if issue identification, resolution through to completion and integration with existing work management systems.

    As new issues, or modifications to existing issues are made appropriate roles are notified to increase process efficiency. These were managed using core Maximo features such as:

    1. Workflow Assignments and Notifications
    2. Start Center indicators – Result Sets & Color Indicators
    3. On-Demand Reports
    4. Key Performance Indicators

    The Issue Tracking Application is structured in Maximo in a way such that users Maximo record

    1. Issue Details; such as the Location/Asset, Issue Type, Conditions Expected and Proposed Action Plans
    2. Issue Classification linked to Key Performance Indicators
    3. Issue Resolution; integration to Work Order Application, Management of Change
    4. Communications Logs
    5. Investigation Details

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