Gas Leak Monitoring Solution

  1. gas leak monitoring IBM Maximo
  • Industry:

    Natural Gas Distribution

    Maximo Version:

    7.1 (at the time of deployment)

    Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
    Maximo Spatial
    Maximo for Utilities

    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Compliance Peace of Mind
    2. Improved Documentation
    3. Ease of Reporting to Regulatory Bodies
  • Gas Leak Solution Overview

    Ontracks has developed and deployed a Gas Leak Monitoring Solution using Maximo for a leading Gas Distribution company.
    The overall solution involves four major components:

    Leak Entry Application

    An application to allow end-users to document the particulars of a found Gas Leak. Users can pin the Leak on a GIS map to carry into Maximo the address, lat/long and relevant geographic data. When a Leak has been entered and submitted (using Workflow) in the system, Maximo automatically creates and schedules a Leak Verification and Leak Repair to ensure compliance timeframes are maintained based on the grade of the Leak.

    Leak Verification Application

    An application to track and document periodic checks of active gas leaks. When a verification is submitted in Maximo the system automatically schedules the next verification (based on compliance time frames).

    Leak Repair Application

    An application to track and document the details on a leak repair. The application provides robust data validation and guides the user (though use of a conditional user interface) through the required fields based on the leak details and repair information entered.

    Spatial Visualization

    Maximo Spatial provides the required visualization of leaks, along with the ability to place a leak on a map and carry forward the relevant geographic data (address, lat/long, legal, etc.)

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