Integrated Fuel Management for Transportation

  1. Fuel Management in IBM Maximo
  • Industry:

    Natural Gas Distribution, Fleet Operations

    Maximo Version

    Maximo 7.1 (at time of deployment)

    Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise

    Major Business Benefit

    1. Improved Documentation
    2. Ease of Reporting to Regulatory Bodies
    3. Improved Issue Management

  • Ontracks has developed and deployed a Fuel Management solution for a leading Gas Distribution company. The solution involves integrating fuel transactions entered at the pump into Maximo to generate Preventive Maintenance records, update vehicle usage and improve operational and management reports.

    The vehicle operator fuels the vehicle at any Voyager compatible fueling station and enters their Odometer reading at time of fueling. Each night, the system updates Maximo with the vehicles that were fueled and the associated data, for example:

    1. Date/Time of Fueling
    2. Volume of Fuel
    3. Location of Fueling Station
    4. Type of Fuel
    5. Vehicle Odometer Reading (ex. Miles/KM’s)

    Based on this data, Maximo updates the associated meters on the vehicles. This further enhances Maximo by:

    1. Allowing Preventive Maintenance records to be based on usage rather than the traditional time-based approach.
    2. Supporting complex analytical reporting. Reports can now include fuel consumption, miles driven by vehicle, under untilized vehicles and vehicles with excessive fuel consumption.
    3. Reducing manual data entry to update meters and consumption details.

    For more information or a demonstration, please contact us.
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