Electronic Operator Log Book

  1. Maximo Electronic Operator Log
  • Industries:

    Oil and Gas

    Maximo Version:

    Maximo 7.5 (at the time of deployment)

    Solution Components:

    Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
    Maximo for Oil and Gas
    Maximo for Health, Safety, and Environment

    Major Business Benefits:

    1. Improved communication between departments
    2. Ease of reporting to Regulatory Bodies
    3. Increased productivity
  • Operator Log Overview

    Ontracks has deployed Maximo’s Operator Logs application for several customers to keep an electronic record of activities during a shift. The solution has been approved by various regulatory bodies across North America.

    Automated Solution

    Ontracks has tailored the out-of-the-box application to include a workflow to lock entries, support shift changeovers, and facilitate the review by the Shift Supervisor. At the end of the shift once it has been reviewed and approved by the Supervisor it is locked from editing, but remains accessible for reporting purposes.

    Integrated Components

    The benefits of the solution while implemented within a client’s Maximo deployment allows the user to enter service requests for new work, enter meter readings from assets, raise an incident, or submit a Management of Change record from within the Operator Log application. Deployment time is also reduced by having the client’s asset register and location hierarchy within the application, and by decreasing the need to execute any data loads.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Ontracks has worked with our clients to review Regulatory Body requirements relative to their jurisdictions and configured the application to meet these needs. We were also involved in submitting the application for review and demonstrating it to the Regulatory Body to receive approval. Ontracks’ Electronic Operator Log Book meets requirements as outlined by various regulatory bodies, such as PHMSA, ABSA, DOT, Corporation Commissions, etc.

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