Maximo to PI Connections

Bring Real Time Data into Maximo

We provide a service which allows you to seamlessly connect Maximo with the leading Plant Historian, OSIsoft PI. By connecting your Maximo system with OSI PI you can leverage the wealth of information stored in your operational data. This data holds tremendous predictive power and operational insight to improve your IBM Maximo maintenance programs and reduce your overall operating costs. This is an Ontracks performed configuration, and not a plug and play add-on.

We are able to connect OSIsoft PI Notifications with the IBM Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) to interface key real-time and historical PI data, such as:

  1. Usage data (such as Run-Hours)
  2. Real time data (ex. Pressure, temperature, volumes, readings, etc.)
  3. Downtime data
  4. Real time condition based maintenance alarms and events


  1. Better maintained assets. Without access to real-time usage data (ex. run hours) most organizations are forced to use the more expensive time-based maintenance approach. Usage-based PMs will allow assets to be maintained more appropriately and at a lower total cost.
  2. Improved Reliability. By using a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) approach with available real-time readings and values, Work Orders can be automatically generated as soon as an asset reading is received indicating early onset of failure.
  3. Improved work forecasting. With meter data stored in Maximo, the system will be able to calculate the average units per day (ex. average hours run per day) and forecast PMs using this data. This will improve the overall planning and scheduling functions.
  4. Improved visibility. At any point in time, a user can see the current meter without physically checking the meter on the asset.
  5. Decreased PM costs. By optimizing PM schedules, there will be no unnecessary maintenance on assets that are not operating. For example, equipment that has not been operating will not have periodic maintenance when it is not required (ex. services, oil changes, filter changes, etc.).


The Ontracks PI configuration is not a plug and play add-on, but rather a specialized configuration performed by Ontracks Implementors. It allows both OSI PI and Maximo to exchange information using a Web Services based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The Ontracks PI Connector is pre-configured to collect PI data (through OSIsoft PI Notifications) and push this data to the Maximo Integration Framework using Web Services. The Ontracks PI Connector transforms and translates PI data into standard Maximo integration messages which allows Maximo to consume the data using the built in business rules contained in the Maximo Business Objects. No Maximo customization is needed and all data is consumed using out-of-the-box Maximo Integration Framework configurations.

Maximo OSI PI integration Design

Integration of Maximo and OSI Pi using Ontracks Pi Connector

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System Requirements and Compatibility

We are able to configure Maximo to PI Connections with:

  • Maximo 7.5.x
  • Maximo 7.6.x