Maximo Work Management

Training Workshop

Workshop Overview

After attending the Maximo Work Management Training Workshop, you will have a solid understanding of IBM Maximo’s capabilities for managing maintenance and performing day-to-day work management transactions. This workshop covers all elements of the work management process: identification, planning, scheduling, assignment, execution, completion and analysis. Ontracks provides custom Maximo training and can customize a workshop to meet your needs. Ontracks delivers Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.

Who should attend?

The Maximo Work Management Training Workshop is targeted to individuals who will perform basic daily maintenance transactions in Maximo, including:

  1. Maintenance Supervisors / Managers
  2. Maintenance Planners / Schedulers
  3. Maximo Administrator
  4. Maintenance Foreman / Leads
  5. Maximo Super Users
  6. Operators
  7. Engineering


The Maximo Work Management Training Workshop covers the following topic areas:

  1. The Purpose of Maximo
  2. Getting Started in Maximo
  3. Screens and Navigation
  4. Module / Application Overview
  5. Searching and Querying
  6. Assets vs. Locations in Maximo
  7. Using the Asset / Location Hierarchy
  8. Work Order Field Definitions
  9. Creating Work Requests
  10. Creating Work Orders
  11. Typical Workflow Process (Statuses)
  12. Reviewing Work Requests / Work Orders
  13. Applying Planning Information to your Work Order (tasks, labor, materials and tools)
  14. Assigning Actuals to your Work Order
  15. Completing / Closing Work Orders
  16. Creating Job Plans
  17. Locating and Duplicating Job Plans from the Library
  18. Creating Safety Plans
  19. Creating Preventive Maintenance (PM) Records
  20. Generating PMs
  21. Using the Inventory Module to Locate Items
  22. Case-Study

Duration and Dates

The Work Management for Maximo Training Workshop is a two-day course.

The Work Management for Maximo Training Workshop is available on-site in Canada and the USA. For our public scheduled workshops, please click the button below.