Maximo Oil & Gas Industry Solution Overview

Training Workshop

Workshop Overview

The Overview to the Maximo Oil and Gas Industry Solution workshop will present the high-level footprint of the Oil and Gas specific applications and the associated business processes. This workshop is intended to provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to understand how Maximo Oil and Gas can meet your organizational and business goals that pertain to Environmental, Health and Safety, Reliability and Operations. The overview / management workshop will cover the purpose of the oil and gas solution, the core and supporting modules and typical business processes and best practices supporting your operational excellence initiatives.

Ontracks provides custom Maximo training and can customize a workshop to meet your needs. We deliver Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted to individuals who will not perform daily transactions in Maximo but require a high level understanding of functionality, including:

  1. Team Leaders
  2. Project Managers
  3. Environment, Health and Safety Managers
  4. Plant Managers
  5. Operations Management
  6. Reliability Managers
  7. Engineering Managers
  8. Maintenance Managers
  9. IT Managers
  10. Maximo System Administrators


The Management / Overview Maximo Oil and Gas Industry Solution Workshop covers the following topic areas:

  1. Purpose of the Maximo Oil and Gas Solution
  2. Module / Application Overview
  3. Screens and Navigation
  4. Searching and Querying
  5. Management of Change (MOC)
  6. Incidents Management
  7. Investigations
  8. Improvements
  9. Action Tracking
  10. Benefits and Losses
  11. Regulations Management and Compliance
  12. Risk Management and Prioritization
  13. Condition for work
  14. Petroleum and Chemicals failure codes and specifications
  15. Operator log
  16. Run log
  17. Drilling completions.

Duration and Dates

The Maximo Oil and Gas Solution Management / Overview Training Workshop is a one-day workshop offered in Canada and the USA. This is a 6-8 hour workshop, however for on-site training it can be condensed to ½ day if less detail is required.

The Maximo Oil and Gas Industry Overview Training is available both as a publicly scheduled workshop as well as an on-site class in Canada and the USA. For dates of the scheduled workshops, please click the button below.