Maximo Integration Framework

Workshop Overview

The Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Training two day hands-on workshop will provide you with a solid understanding of IBM Maximo’s Integration Framework capabilities. Ontracks provides custom Maximo training and can customize a workshop to meet your needs. Ontracks delivers Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.

Who should attend?

The Maximo Integration Framework Training Workshop is targeted to individuals who perform administrative and integration functions and development or individuals looking to learn advanced functionality of Maximo, including:

  1. Maximo Administrators
  2. Maximo Integration Support Personnel
  3. Maximo Super-Users or Support Personnel
  4. Maximo Project Managers
  5. IT Personnel Supporting Maximo


The following modules are presented in the Maximo 7.5 Workshop:

Module 1: Integration Overview (Object Structure, Publish Channels, Enterprise services, external systems, endpoints)
Module 2: Activating and Preparing the System (JMS queue setup, configuting integration properties, cron task setup)
Module 3: Integration Setup (Configuration an Application for data export and import, Using External system application for data export and import)
Module 4: Error Handling (Using Message reprocessing and log files for error handling)

Duration and Dates

The Working with Maximo Training Workshop is a two-day workshop. The IBM Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Training is available on-site in Canada and the USA.
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