Advanced Maximo Work Management

Training Workshop

Workshop Overview

The Advanced Maximo Work Management Training Workshop provides attendees with a thorough understanding of Maximo’s advanced maintenance and work management capabilities and functions. The topics covered during this training include: external labor management, condition-based monitoring, failure hierarchies, assets catalogs, contract management, advanced searching, work order hierarchies,rotating assets, master PMs, managing routes, and meter-based PMs.

The Advanced Maximo Work Management training is a hands-on, computer-based IBM Maximo training class. This class is available as a publicly scheduled workshop as well as an on-site training. Our experienced instructors have delivered hundreds of EAM, Asset Management and IBM Maximo training workshops in the US, Canada and overseas. For our on-site workshops, we work with our client to clearly define the training requirements that meet their current and future requirements. All of our Maximo training courses can be customized to suit your needs. Ontracks provides individualized Maximo training and can tailor a workshop to meet your particular needs. We deliver Maximo training throughout the US and Canada.

Course prerequisites: 2 or more years of Maximo experience and/or completion of the Working with Maximo training .

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted to individuals who perform basic daily maintenance and work management transactions and wish to increase their knowledge and learn to apply advanced Maximo functionality, including:

  1. Maintenance Supervisors / Superintendents / Managers
  2. Maintenance Planners / Schedulers
  3. Maintenance Foreman / Leads
  4. Maximo Administrators
  5. Maximo Super-Users or Support Personnel


The Maximo Advanced Work Management Training covers the following topic areas:

    1. Work Order Advanced Features
a. Advanced Searching
b. Work Order Hierarchies
    1. Using Condition Monitoring to Track Measurements
    2. Generating Work Orders in Condition Monitoring
    3. Creating Failure Hierarchies
    4. Using Failure Codes (Failure Reporting)
    5. Using the Asset Catalog
    6. Setting-up the Asset Catalog
    7. Entering Equipment Meter Readings and Generating PMs on Meters
    8. Using Linked Documents
    9. Managing Contracts (Master, Labor Rate, Purchase)
    10. Setting up External Labor (Craft, Labor)
    11. Recording External Labor and Generating Invoices Using Labor Reporting
    12. Nested Job Plans
    13. Creating Preventive Maintenance Records
    14. Using Job Plan Sequences
    15. Creating and Managing PM Hierarchies
    16. Rotating Equipment (Repairable Spares)
a. Setting up the Item Master Record
b. Purchasing and Receiving Rotating Assets
c. Planning for Rotating Assets
d. Issuing Rotating Assets
  1. Creating and Using Master PMs
  2. Creating and Using Route’s with PMs
  3. Advanced Queries
  4. Case-Study

Duration and Dates

The Maximo Advanced Work Management Training Workshop is a two-day course.

The Maximo Advanced Work Management training is available both as a public workshop and an on-site workshop in Canada and the USA. To see the dates of the scheduled classes, please click the button below.