Maximo Software Subscription and Renewals

Maximo Software Subscription and Renewals

Once you’ve implemented Maximo, you want to keep up on all of the latest updates.

Now is the time to budget for your annual Maximo Software Subscription and Support Renewal.

While it is a major expense, there are ways to lower the cost, while reducing administrative time.

Let Ontracks handle your Software Subscription and Support Renewals and save today.

Save Time and Resources, Renewals Made Easier

Managing and negotiating your renewal pricing for your annual renewal can be time-consuming, As the largest reseller of IBM Maximo licenses in both the US and Canada, Ontracks is in the unique position to offer pricing that is typically lower than IBM.

We also handle license management at no cost to you when we handle your Maximo renewals.

Important details regarding Maximo Software Subscription and Support Renewal with Ontracks:

  • Cost

    In most cases, we’re able to provide better pricing than IBM. Let us negotiate on your behalf.

  • Convenience

    Deal with all your organization’s Maximo licenses at the same time. We can coordinate the co-terming of your licenses to a single renewal date.

  • Compliance

    We can review your license usage to see if you need additional – or fewer – licenses and can help you make informed decisions after your initial purchase.

  • Consistency

    An added benefit: a single point of contact for your organization. We work with all the various IBM reps in all the different programs (e.g., FCT, PPA).


We are the number one reseller of IBM Maximo in North America. We also are the only Platinum business partner. Our extensive knowledge of pricing, volume discounts, and the impacts of making changes to renewals.

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Let us save you time and money on your Maximo Software Subscription and Support Renewals

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