Maximo Enterprise System Administration

Maximo Enterprise System Administration

Keeping an enterprise level application up and running can be challenging enough, so trying to be proactive can feel like a daunting task. Give your end users and IT professionals peace of mind with Ontracks Managed Maximo System Administration. Ontracks will proactively and frequently monitor your Maximo deployment and provide periodic Health Status Reports for you to review. We will also assess KPIs and suggest recommendations to improve the health of your Maximo environments or to avoid possible future failures.


  1. Proactive environment management
  2. Identify potential outages or performance degradation
  3. Known fixed monthly cost
  4. Annual roadmap of planned activities
  5. Benefit from IBM Certified Deployment Professional experience


For deployments of the current Maximo 7.6 all the way back to version 6.x, Ontracks will remotely monitor your Maximo environment on a recurring basis. These tasks are broken up by their relevancy to your deployment and reported back to you for review and action.

  • Review of log all Maximo log files;
  • Review of attached documents folder sizes;
  • Monitor of DB server performance; and
  • Summarized in an easy to read Health Status Report
  • Monthly
  • All above activities plus;
  • Refresh of non-production environments;
  • Provide summary of new IBM patches, hotfixes, etc and comment on their appropriateness for your deployment; and
  • Summarized in an easy to read Health Status Report
  • Quarterly
  • All above activities plus;
  • KPI on active system users;
  • KPI on inactive system users;
  • Review new IBM Feature Pack release and assess relevancy for your deployment; and
  • Summarized in an easy to read Health Status Report
  • Annually
  • All above activities plus;
  • Review of other IT initiatives to assess impact on Maximo (such as operating system upgrades, server moves, clustering, etc.)
  • 3-day onsite* deployment assessment and planning for coming year; and
  • Summarized in an easy to read Health Status Report
  • *Travel expenses in addition to the monthly fee; or assessment may be performed remotely.

    Maximo OSI PI integration Design

    Integration of Maximo and OSI Pi using Ontracks Pi Connector

    System Requirements and Compatibility

    Database Requirements
  • Oracle 9, 10 or 11, Standard or Enterprise version
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 Standard or Enterprise version.
  • IBM DB2 9.1.3 or DB2 Universal Database 8.2.8
  • Maximo Version Compatibility
  • Maximo 6.2.x
  • Maximo 7.1.x
  • Maximo 7.5.x
  • Maximo 7.6.x
  • Server Compatibility
  • IBM Websphere 6.0, 6.1, 7.0
  • BEA Weblogic 8.1.4 or Weblogic 9.2.2, 10.x