Maximo Webcast Series

Each month, Ontracks offers an educational Maximo Webcast on a topic of interest typically suggested by our clients or past webcast attendees.

2018 Upcoming Maximo Webcasts:

  1. Query Based Reporting in Maximo – Sign up to get notified when the registration opens
  2. Maximo Everyplace – Sign up to get notified when the registration opens

Some of our past webcast topics include:

  1. Upgrading to Maximo 7.6 – Watch Now
  2. Reporting Incidents using Maximo Work Centers – Watch Now
  3. Maximo Bypass Management – View
  4. Maximo 7.6 Spatial Features and Enhancements – Watch Now
  5. Uncovering hidden features and functionality in Maximo – View
  6. Maximo Work Centers and Asset Health Insights – View
  7. Maximo Configurations We Love (And You May, Too!) – View
  8. Configuring Maximo 7.6 Start Centers – View
  9. New 2017 Maximo License Model – View
  10. Maximo Start Center Best Practices – View
  11. Performing a Maximo Assessment for Maximum Benefit – View
  12. Tracking Incidents and Investigations in Maximo – View
  13. Management of Change in Maximo – View
  14. Mobile Work Management Using EzMaxMobile – View
  15. Understanding Asset Templates in Maximo – View
  16. Using Maximo to Track Maximo Issues and/or Enhancements – View
  17. Maximo Operator Logs – View
  18. What’s new in Maximo 7.6 – View
  19. Maximo Migration Manager – View

View a full list of our past Maximo webcasts and download presented material.

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