• Signature Options in Maximo

    If you’ve ever worked with Application Designer or Security Groups applications in Maximo, you’ve likely come across the term Signature Options while granting security privileges to users. However, signature options are not just for defining security permissions in applications – in fact, there are multiple different ways Signature Options can be used within Maximo configurations. […]

  • Ontracks Consulting

    Ontracks Featured at IBM Maximo Academy

    Ontracks will be participating in the next IBM Maximo Academy, Oct. 14-15, 2020. Learn how to reduce risk, lower costs and improve efficiency by adding the power of analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence to your operations. Join us for client use cases, industry analyst round tables, Q&A sessions, and live product demos. Ontracks will be […]

  • Effective Maximo Training Program

    Delivering effective and accurate training is a valuable component to any Maximo project – regardless of the size or complexity.  Even the best Maximo project is susceptible to failure without proper training delivery and knowledge transfer to the end users of the system.  Training is key to the overall success of your Maximo implementation. Investing […]

  • Creating Records with the Maximo OSLC REST API

    Now that we’re familiar with how to access data in Maximo using the RESTful architecture provided by the OSLC framework, let’s dig into how we can leverage this same infrastructure when integrating Maximo with another system.  The Maximo RESTful framework allows messages conforming with its API to create new records, as well as update existing […]

  • Company Acquisitions? New Storerooms? Update Your Maximo Records Quickly with MaxEdit

      Maximo Record Renaming Tool For Maximo administrators who need to rename Locations, Assets, Companies and other records, the Ontracks MaxEdit Rename Tool is a built-in Maximo add-on that renames key records directly from inside Maximo, using the Maximo user interface. Unlike services or older rename tools, our product is built right into Maximo itself […]

  • Maximo Interactive Demo

    Your assets are critical to the operation of your Organization. The right EAM can make all the difference. Learn how IBM Maximo Asset Management Software provides near-real-time visibility so you can reduce unplanned downtime and improve operational efficiency. Take a look at the user interface of Maximo and different functions within the solution.     […]

  • Application Restrictions

    It’s not an unusual requirement for records to be restricted from being viewed in an application. There are several ways you can achieve this in Maximo, but today I am only going to focus on one: Application Restrictions. An Application Restriction is really a “where clause” that is applied to the application behind the scenes. […]

  • Maxmo Fastrack

    Introducing MaximoFasTrack

    Fast Maximo FasTrack is pre-packaged with the most common IBM Maximo configurations and workflows requested by industry leading companies Affordable A hosted IBM Maximo system with a small license requirement that also saves on implementation, server infrastructure, and administration costs. Comprehensive Take advantage of the full power of IBM Maximo, including Work Management, Asset Management, […]

  • Digital and Mobile Transformation

    IBM Maximo’s centralized and standardized dashboards help yout maintain a competitive advantage. Ontracks can make your differentiation goals a reality. Please follow and like us:

  • Why IBM Maximo for EAM

    Stand out from your competitors: IBM Maximo has the answers

    In every industry, you must look closely at the complexities of your business. Do you want to see how your operations can operate themselves? Stand out from the competition with IBM Maximo. See how IBM Maximo can help you. Select a topic to learn more. Increase Uptime Accelerate Digital and Mobile Transformation Optimize […]

  • Maximo Service Requests-Work Centers

    In the 3rd installment of our Maximo Service Request introduction, you will see how the new work center format easily leads the user through the creation of a service request, including easily identified classifications and responses to streamline data capture and ensure you get the information you require to make good business decisions around validity, […]