Are You Taking Advantage of IBM Maximo’s Latest Enhancements?

IBM Maximo has released, and announced Maximo 8, also known as the Maximo Application Suite. How do you know which is the best option for your organization? Performing an upgrade assessment will help you determine the best upgrade path.

Maximo Upgrade Assessment: IBM is continually improving Maximo. As changes are released, your organization may benefit from one or more enhanced offerings. With the pending release of the Maximo Application Suite, a review becomes even more beneficial. This comprehensive assessment documents the current usage of Maximo, the upgrade ROI, and the infrastructure and training required to support the new version. The complete findings of the assessment are documented, and a detailed upgrade plan is created. The implementation plan provided in the Upgrade Assessment is an invaluable upgrade tool for your organization.

Ontracks provides multiple assessment options, from both a business and an EAM perspective:

  • Maximo Usage Assessment
  • Maximo Upgrade Assessment
  • Maintenance Assessment
  • Inventory Management / Procurement Assessment
  • License Assessment

Learn more about our complete line of assessment offerings.

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