The Overwhelming Truth About Maximo.

  1. If you use Maximo, you need training

Don’t be overwhelmed by Maximo.
Training is the secret to IBM’s EAM.

When my husband and were in the market for a new home, we toured several models in many of the new neighborhoods in Denver. Each room was staged and decorated perfectly. The gourmet kitchens gleamed with their stainless steel appliances and numerous cabinets I could never fill them (you know how that actually would go!) After a while, all of the features and options began to blur. If you’ve ever shopped for a new home or apartment, you know the how absolutely overwhelming it can be.

Now: Think about the first time you saw IBM Maximo demoed. It does EVERYTHING (well except the dishes in that gourmet kitchen). This tour de force enterprise asset management system not only tracks assets, it can be configured down to the smallest detail. And even though Maximo is a fantastic tool designed to make your job easier, using it can be a bit daunting at first.

Maximo training isn’t just important to user acceptance, it is vital.

Whether you are an end user or a system administrator, IBM Maximo workshops are essential to get the most out of your implementation. Ontracks understand that need, and knows what is important for your team to know to get the best ROI out of Maximo

There are some organizations that are concerned about the drawbacks to training. Team members attending workshops may miss out on work time which may delay the completion of projects. If an off-site training program is not an option, bringing the educators to you may be an option. Between these two options, providing Maximo training to your team is an easy choice.

My employees have been using Maximo for XX years. Why do they need additional training?

By implementing a training program, you will find the following benefits

  • Improved work performance – They don’t know what they don’t know
  • Improved team member satisfaction – Being proficient at their tasks makes folks happier
  • Increased productivity and adherence to quality standards – Training doesn’t just need to cover Maximo as a product, but as a strategy
  • Reduced turnover – Training empowers people. Your people will know their efforts and contributions are appreciated.

The importance of training your team– both new and experienced – really cannot be overstated. Consider signing up for Maximo classroom training, or have Ontracks provide an on-site Maximo workshop tailored to your organizations specific needs.

Check out our Maximo workshop calendar for courses tailored to Maximo end users as well as Maximo system administrators.

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