Don’t Let Performance Measurement be an Afterthought

No need to argue: Data metric standards are available

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Quit Arguing.

Does your organization struggle to define standard maintenance and reliability reporting metrics? Is it difficult to provide accurate performance metrics to your executive team? Is your business faced with the challenges of exporting data from Maximo, to be used in other reporting tools, such as PowerBI or Cognos? Is Compliance or Backlog defined differently across your organization? These realities can lead to confusion or conflict within the organization, or worst, a lack of confidence in the collected data.

Ontracks’s new Performance Measurement solution may be just what your organization needs!

To address these challenges, Ontracks has partnered with expert industry Maximo Users, to develop a standardized Report Object Structure which has been embedded into the standard Maximo data model. The Performance Measure solution will provide your organization with a consistent and standard method to access your Maximo data, regardless of the reporting tool used within your organization.speedometer

Although your business is unique in its operation, the data metrics to support performance measurement are not. Our solution leverages the rich maintenance and reliability methodology that has been defined in various Industry Standard models, such as:

  • SMRP – Best Practices and Body of Knowledge
  • ISO14224 – Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries – Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment
  • EN15341 – Maintenance – Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

The Performance Measurement solution will simplify the process of retrieving data captured in Maximo, which can then be used to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), BIRT reports and other Start Center metrics inside Maximo. This same process can be used to extract the Maximo data, to then be leveraged in other reporting tools such as PowerBI, Cognos, etc.

By implementing this solution, your organization will now be able to report on maintenance and reliability performance, that directly aligns with industry standards and best practices, without having to manage conflicting business requirements or the development of time-consuming SQL queries.

Don’t let performance measurement be an afterthought in your organization. Ontracks will help you to truly benchmark your organization against others, by leveraging the industry standards and best practices that are rooted in our solution.

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