Maximo for Transportation Overview

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Fleet Management initially was a static process. Transportation companies were largely in the dark with regards to the exact whereabouts of their assets. This was true not only when those assets were in service but also when they were simply parked and not immediately visible to the equipment management team. Companies relied on physical inventories and the conscientiousness of fleet operators for reliable fleet data usually manually collected and entered into a simple application.

The Maximo for Transportation Industry Solution allows managers to view asset-related information and asset performance from a single repository to achieve a holistic view. This can help lower costs by facilitating and automating common processes to deliver the following benefits:

  • Better visibility and control of assets
  • Higher levels of asset performance
  • Improved accountability and utilization
  • Standardized and consolidated business processes
  • Ability to manage the demands of complex supply chains
  • Standardizing and sharing data

Maximo for Transportation also address the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies, while adhering to industry-standard coding structures. Best practices are built into the solution to help extend asset life, optimize spare parts management, reduce road calls and incidents, and increase planned maintenance.

The bottom line: better up-time for critical revenue-generating assets; cost controls for acquiring, maintaining and disposing of assets; and greater shareholder value.

Maximo for Transportation consists of six key management disciplines with features that include:

  • Automated alerts to notify technicians that maintenance is due or a warranty about to expire
  • Meter history and adjustments to record out-of-sequence readings, adjustments to previous readings, and track a component’s meter history
  • Transportation reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) that can analyze trends and optimize productivity
  • Vehicle data and specifications for information that is configurable by asset type, such as repair location and meter input on work order or fuel type.

As part of the Ontracks monthly webinar series, we feature Carey Clarke, the original IBM architect for the Maximo for Transportation solution who provides some of the highlights of the solution.

We invite you to view the presentation.

Maximo for Transportation extends the capability of Maximo Asset Management with such features as extended warranty management, fuel consumption, industry standard maintenance coding structures, telematics integrations, technician productivity improvements, tire management, recall management, enhanced in-fleeting and decommissioning capabilities

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