Company Acquisitions? New Storerooms? Update Your Maximo Records Quickly with MaxEdit


Maximo Record Renaming Tool

For Maximo administrators who need to rename Locations, Assets, Companies and other records, the Ontracks MaxEdit Rename Tool is a built-in Maximo add-on that renames key records directly from inside Maximo, using the Maximo user interface. Unlike services or older rename tools, our product is built right into Maximo itself and allows renaming of almost all key records, not just Locations.


  1. Keep Maximo’s record up-to-date with your changing environment
  2. No need to pay for a services-engagement every time you wish to rename a record
  3. Give super-users or business experts the ability to change the records without IT involvement


It’s a common and almost inevitable problem most Maximo installations face, especially as the system gets older and business units get added, organizations change or, in a lot of cases, mistakes get made when creating Locations, Assets, Companies, etc. in Maximo: you will want to change its name or ID.

At the time the Location name we selected made perfect sense. However, with the change in our Plant ownership we need to change the identifier without losing any history or other important information. MaxEdit gave me the flexibility to do this from within the Maximo application itself!”

With Ontracks MaxEdit, you can now rename Locations, Items, Assets, Job Plans, Companies (Vendors) and many others from inside Maximo.


MaxEdit Renames the following record types:

  1. Locations
  2. Assets
  3. Companies (Vendors)
  4. Items
  5. Job Plans
  6. Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  7. Purchase Requisitions (PR)
  8. Persons
  9. Routes
  10. Invoices

  • MaxEdit in IBM Maximo 7.6
  • Access directly from inside Maximo through the Select Action menu. This is controlled with Maximo security.

  • Renaming Maximo location in MaxEdit

  • Supports doing a “dry run” operation to see how many records could be affected.

  • Renamed records in Maximo
  • Shows progress update of all records that are related to the current object.

Maximo Version Compatibility

MaxEdit rename tool is compatible with the following versions of Maximo:

  • Maximo 7.5.x
  • Maximo 7.6.x
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